LEA's BOX The project at a glance

LEA’s BOX is a STREP funded by the European Commission under the 7th framework programme. The project started in March 2014 and runs for 34 months. LEA’s BOX is a rather small scale project with only 4 partners: The Knowledge Technologies Institute of Graz University of Technology, Austria and the University of Birmingham, UK. These two universities will drive the research and development work. In addition there are two busness partners, Scio from the Czech Republic and Sebit from Turkey. The partners work in the field of learning technologies and educational services and will provide the project with large scale data and, most importantly, access to a great number of schools.

The tangible result of LEA’s BOX is a web platform for teachers and learners which

» provide links to the existing components and interfaces to a broad range of educational data sources. This way, teachers are able to link the various tools and methods that they are already using in their daily practice and that provide software APIs (e.g., Moodle courses, electronic tests, Google Docs, etc.) in one central location. Lea's Box offers a well defined internal API and features xAPI for a borad interoperability.

» Lea's Box provides a set of existing tools and Web services to provide an initial set of functions for teachers. These components support activity tracking, domain modelling, or visualization of educational data. Lea's Box features: myClass, myActivities, an integrated concept mapping tool, a configuration and domain modelling tool, various visualization modules, a complete OLM system, a external tool to gather teacher and self-assessment data, and an xAPI configurator.

» Lea's Box hosts innovative, theory-driven LA/EDM services, empowering educators to conduct competence-based analysis of rich data sets. As indicated in the figure below, we provide modular components to filter, streamline, and aggregate data from various sources, to analyse and interpret these data, and to store them safely. Special considerations lie on data protection and privacy requirements. The set of modules and services and data streams is controlled by an intelligent superordinate component, the central executive.

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» Lea's Box provides teachers and learners with a multitude of components for data visualizing and reporting the results of the analysis. The special research focus of the project is to develop network and lattice-based techniques, such as Hasse diagrams, adapt them to the level of understanding and the expectations of end-users, and apply them for the user-model negotiation.

» Lea's Box hosts a fully functional OLM system for teachers and students. Each user can access the results of analytics in a tailored way. In addition, the entire analytics process is made transparent to the users and, most importantly, the results of analytics algorithms are now negotiable.

» Lea's Box provides interfaces and links to export/report data and to transfer them to external tools.



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