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» Event:

EduDays 2017, April 5 - 6, 2017, Krems, Austria

EduDays 2017 is the #1 event in Austria when it comes to the digitalization of school education. Leading experts and policy makers meet and discuss the ways forward. This event has a significant impact on Austria’s legislative directions in education. At the same time, EduDays is the place for teacher to learn more about recent and future developments in terms of ICT in schools and digital skills for students and teachers. Lea’s Box will is a visible proponent at EduDays for a smart use of technology and data in terms of analytics and formatively inspired assessment and guidance.

See more details at the event website (in German language).

Presentation sldies incl. weblinks of Lea's Box presentation
on virtual worlds in education

» Event:

Teacher Training Workshop "Bildung 4.0" [Education 4.0]
5 December 2016, Vienna / 16 December 2016, Graz

Lea’s Box hosts a full day training workshop for teacher focusing on “education 4.0“ This buzz word encompasses various concepts such as formative assessment, competence orientation, education cloud, or learning analytics. Lea’s Box provides practitioners with insights into the concepts, explains the advantages of learning analytics and provides concrete hands on experiences with the tolls out of Lea’s box!

See more details at the event website (in German language).

» Event:

FCA Expert Intensive Workshop - 20 - 22 Septeber 2016

Lea's Box organizes a 3 day expert workshop on Competence-based Knowledge Space Theory and Formal Concept Analysis in Graz. Prof. Jürgen Heller (Tübingen), Prof. Bernhard Ganter (Dresden), Prof. Reinhard Suck (Berlin) and Dr. Cynthia Glodeanu (Dresden) discuss with the Lea's Box team how CbKST and FCA can fertilize each other to establish a solid theoretical basis for Learning Analytics.

» Publications:

The 2016 World Congress in Computer Science, Computer Engineering,
& Applied Computing

The Worldcomp is a very large event covering a number of various sub-conferences. Lea’s Box ‘fuels’ 2 of them this year: The ICAI on Artificial Intelligence with our approach of reasoning over large scale data using FCA and the MSV on modelling, simulations, and visualizations about the Hasse diagram and lattice approach of visualizing learning.
Drop us a line for receiving the papers!

» Article:

Competing Standards for Learning Analytics: TinCan vs Caliper

Educational standards are quite important in the context of Learning Analytics. However, oftentimes standards are not compatible and competing. This article by Ali Türker gives a brief comparison of the IMS Caliper and the ADL TinCan standards.

» Event:

Workshop Learning Analytics in Practice - Challenges, Visions, Solutions

Lea's Box is organizing a workshop focussing on the very practical aspects of learning analytics. In the workshop we want to make an interactive step from state of the art research to the concrete application in schools, universities, or the workplace. We want to identify the obstacles, describe solutions, and learn about the real benefits of real world applications.

Visit the workshop website for more details!

» Articles:

Some Ideas for Education Needed?

This is a list of past Blog posts of Lea’s Box summarizing some interesting ideas
(by Jan Synek and Ali Tüker):
» Using data with students
» Teaching kids grit and self-control
» Using Direct Assessment
» Blockchain use for a decentralized system

» Event:

Fourth International Workshop on Teaching Analytics

Lea's Box is organizing the Fourth International Workshop on Teaching Analytics in in conjunction with famous EC-TEL conference 2016 in Lyon France. The fullday workshop is held on 16 September 2016.

Visit the workshop website!

Submit your paper through the EC-TEL submission system now!

» Event:

LAEP Project: Learning Analytics Expert Workshop

The LAEP Project ( organized a lively expert workshop on Learning Analytics on March 16-17, 2015. The main theme was to define Europe's strategy in terms of Learning Analytics in the next decades. Some slides from the event can be found here!

» Publication:

Learning Analytics for Painters

There are so many different types of painting styles, ideas, visions, sometimes anancasms, and not least skills and talent. Now, how to behold painting from the angle of Learning Analytics....

Get the article as PDF

» Event:

Dagstuhl Workshop 2015

Dagstuhl Castle – famours Leibniz Center for Informatics pursues its mission of furthering world class research in computer science by facilitating communication and interaction between researchers. Since the very first days of Schloss Dagstuhl, the seminar and workshop meeting program has always been the focus of its programmatic work.

In June 2015 Michael Kickmeier-Rust, coordinator of Lea’s Box, was invited to a one week workshop [Perspektiven-Workshop] on the future of entertainment computing and serious games. Michael emphasized the importance of psychology and pedagogy being the drivers of such media and he highlighted the role of ‘Learning Analytics’. In 2016 a book, born out of this workshop, was published under the name "Entertainment Computing and Serious Games" by Springer.

» Publication:

Learning Analytics for Chefs

We started with guitar players, and now we want to explore what Learning Analytics might mean to a chef or a hobby cook.

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» Publication:

Learning Analytics for Guitar Players

Sometimes complex things must be described with metaphors. Michael of Lea's Box, being a hobby guitarist, tried to use the metaphor of learning to play the guitar. Perhaps this is a field of learning and training, that has the least connections to what we understand with learning analytics and formative assessment and guidance. The clearer, however, gets the value of what learning analytics can do, also and particularly in "off-topic" domains.

Get the article as PDF

» Event:

LAK Workshop: Learning Analytics for Learners

Lea's Box is organizing a workshop on competence-centred Learning Analytics and Open Learner Modelling in the context of famous Learning Analytics and Knowledge conference (LAK) 2016 in Edinburgh, UK, on April 26, 2016.

Visit the workshop website!

Submit your paper until January 31, 2016!

» Publication:

Adjacent Government, Issue 8, Nov 2015

Michael of Lea's Box speaks about the importance of a meaningful ICT use in schools and details where and how technology really can help.

Get the article as PDF

Or visit the Adjacent Government website for the full issue of the journal.

» Event:

EC-TEL 2015, September 14-18, 2015, Toledo, Spain

The European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning is Europe's main event for educational technology research. The conference is a unique opportunity for researchers, practitioners, educational developers, and policy makers to address current challenges and advances in the field. Through EC-TEL, established and emerging researchers as well as practitioners, entrepreneurs, and technology developers explore new collaborations, strengthen networks, and complement their core expertise. LEA's BOX, certainly, is represented at EC-TEL prominently. We have 2 papers at the conference and we are promoting the project itself at the poster session.

All details are available at the conference website.

One of the best opportunities to meet LEA and to get in touch with our most recent developments!

» Event:

Austrian eEducation Sommertagung 2015

The eEducation summer symposium is organized by the Austrian teacher network elsa, this summer on the school ship Bertha von Suttner in Vienna. The elsa network aims at fostering the uptake of new media and ICT in the daily school practise. At this symposium a number of high quality key notes are held and over 100 teachers meet in various workshops. Among them, LEA’s BOX presented their tools and approaches in order to make the project public and to organize further cooperation with teachers in Austria. The link to the symposium website [in German] is

» Tools:

Collection of FCA Tools

Uta Priss is a leading researcher in the field of FCA. She made a tool collection that encompasses a wide range of different tools: Some of them are for free, some of them are for beginners, others for advanced users, some of them are great when you are interested in nice visualizations (since they offer a lot of features which enable to adapt the visualizations to one's own needs and preferences), while others focus more on the “math-part” of the FCA. Of particular interest may be these tools:
FCA Extension for Excel
ConExp (Concept Explorer)

» Event:

LEA at the movies ....

In Chrastice, a wonderful village in the Czech Republic, the project made the film shooting for a promotional movie. The location was the primary and secondary school of Chrastice. The professional film crew and the project team spend a great day on 29-30 July 2015 together with about 20 children, 2 teachers, and the headmaster. Specifically for the children this was an impressing event.

» Event:

Learning Analytics Summer Camp 2015

The Lea's Box project was organizing a Learning Analytics Summer Camp in Prague on 31 July 2015.

The summer camp is based on an in-depth presentation of the projects and research directions and the search for a common ground and alignment of common strengths. This event is not so much a mere exchange of knowledge and solutions, but much more a joint effort to bring all that we have in the pockets to a concrete and broad application in the European educational landscape. Essentially, the major aim of the summer camp is to find joint solutions to the ‘impact’ we are expected to make. We believe that streamlining our expertise and already existing solutions can bring us a big leap forward. This is not trivial however, since it requires a team that is big enough to comprise major knowledge and a team that is small enough to be able to really accomplish our ambitious, but so important goal. Together we can form a team that is strong enough to accomplish this.

Check out the workshop website with the results of the workshop!

» Event:

Digital Assembly 2015 Riga - 'One Europe, One Digital Single Market'

Too many barriers still block the free flow of online services and entertainment across national borders. This of course holds true for digital educational tools and services and the secure cross-border flow of educational data. The Digital Agenda will update EU Single Market rules for the digital era. The aims are to boost the music download business, establish a single area for online payments, and further protect EU consumers in cyberspace.

The Digital Assembly 2015 was an event co-organised in Riga, Latvia on the 17-18 June 2015, with the Latvian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. It featured inspirational speeches by successful entrepreneurs and public authorities, networking opportunities and workshops. The key goal was to establish and promote a common strategy for the players in the e-Society.

Michael, coordinator of Lea’s Box, was invited to this event. His impression was that education, learning, and empowering people was clearly underrepresented. So he raised a strong voice in WS5 "e-Society" for the important role of a competency-oriented, knowledge-based society and that it takes solid and innovative educational technology to achieve it.

Check out the YouTube Channel of the Digital Assembly 2015 to see 28 videos of the event.

» Videos:

WHY LEARNING ANALYTICS? - LEA's BOX Promo Animation (June 1, 2015)

We prepared a promotional animation in various languages about why learning analytics is useful. Check it out on Lea's Youtube Channel!



» Event:

LAK 2015: Learning Analytics and Knowledge

LAK is the key conference in the field of learning analytics. The theme of 2015 was Scaling Up: Big Data to Big Impact, and reflected the growing community of researchers, practitioners, and learners and the success in leveraging the power of "big data" to create substantial impact within higher education and learning at increasingly larger scale. The event was hosted by Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York (USA), in the historic Hudson Valley. LEA’s BOX present facets of the project’s work in 2 workshops.

» Uncovering Learning Processes Using Competence-based Knowledge Structuring and Hasse Diagrams

» Let’s Talk Ethics: Privacy and Data Protection Framework
for a Learning Analytics Toolbox

» Tools:

LEA's BOX launched the first version of the Learning Analytics Platform! (Please contact us for login credentials)

» Event:


LEA's BOX was invited as international reference project to present its visions and achievements at LEARNTEC, January 27-29, 2015, Karlsruhe, Germany. The event is one of Europe's largest and most important fairs in the field of learning technologies.

» Info:

Explaining Learning Analytics in a few words? Too hard!
Explaining Learning Analytics with a few pictures? Check it out:

LEA's Infographics
» Workshop:

LEA's BOX / GALA workshop on learning analytics in serious games at the EC-TEL conference!

Together with the GALA network of excellence in the field of serious games, LEA’s BOX is organizing a joint workshop on DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES IN LEARNING ANALYTICS FOR AND IN SERIOUS GAMES.

EC-TEL 2014 is held in Graz, Austria from September 16 – 19, 2014.

LEA's BOX / Next-Tell workshop on formative e-assessment for teachers (in German)

Together with the Next-Tell project, LEA’s BOX is organizing a joint workshop for teachers named "Individualisierung, Kompetenzorientierung und formative Beurteilung – Technologie und Klassenzimmerrealität" [Individulization, competence-orientation and formative assessment - Technologies and classroom reality].

Images courtesy of Graz Tourism

» Documents:

LEA's BOX Factsheet (May 16, 2014)

Factsheet English (2 MB)
Projektinfos Deutsch (2,4 MB)
Factsheet Turkish (2 MB)
Factsheet Czech (2,2 MB)



» Event:

March 6-7, 2014: LEA's BOX Kick-off Meeting in Graz, Autria

On March 1, the project has officially started and on March 6-7 we organized the kick-off meeting in Graz, Austria. The meeting was not only quite successfull and an effective starting event but also a great social event!



» Event:

LEA's BOX attends the EC Concertation Meeting for TEL projects in Luxembourg on February 7, 2014

On February 7, 2014 the EC invited 30 running and newly starting FP7 ICT – TEL project to a concertation workshop in Luxembourg. Michael attended this meeting and used the opportunity for networking and dissemination. Other projects focusing on Learning Analytics with which LEA’s BOX seeks exchange and cooperation are: LACE, Next-Tell, PELARS, WeSpot, TellMe, and particularly WatchMe. The latter can be considered a sister project to LEA’s BOX.
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