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myClass is a simple yet modular tool for teachers to make records about classroom activities and competence development. The idea is to equip teachers with a handy tool, tailored to small screen (such as smartphones) to enable them to make records about relevant activities and indicators of learning independent from other digital system. In that sense, myClass is a competency-oriented electronic classbook. The original and full version of myClass has been developed in the context of a prior project. In Lea’s Box we have reduced the functionality and tailored the tool to the very concrete needs of partner schools of the project. myClass offers features for competency tracking and basic reporting features. Of course, the tool has built in API towards the Lea’s Box platform. myClass comes with the fully functioning configuration tool for administrators.

Technically myClass is a MySQL and PHP-based tool so that an installation is very simple and quick. myClass is available open source under the Apache 2.0 license. Instructions are included in the download package.

Version 1 allows defining competency hierarchies and the evaluation of competencies with 3 buttons (not evaluated, competency available, competency not available). Also the report is based on this approach.

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Version 2 allows the compete tracking in form of percentages using a slider control. A special feature of this version is that myClass allows generating report card automatically.

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The Open Learner Modelling (OLM) system of Lea’s Box is a complex tool to model learners, conduct learning analytics, and visualize the results. The special strength of the OLM is that is opens the analytics processes to the learners and that it makes the result transparent; it allows users to select the appropriate visualizations and to start from high level aggregations and drill down into the very details of evidences for learning. The OLM system technical is a JAVA application running on an Apache Server and connecting to a MySQL database. The download package contains detailed instructions. The OLM system is is available as open source package.

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Formal Concept Analysis is mathematical formal theoretical approach to identify patterns in data. FCA also offer a lattice based approach to visualize the patterns and the relationships between concepts. Technically, Lea’s FCA tool is a standalone JAVA application. The tool is freely available (front and backend components). A built file and instructions are included in the installation package.

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» Flower App

The flower app is a needful and graphically appealing tool to realize and compare teacher-assessments, students‘ self-assessments, and external tests. The tool provides students with a flower image to represent competencies areas and their assessments. Teacher a provided with reports of all their students, their self-assessments, as well as their external test results. The tool is intended to foster self-reflection, transparency of assessments, as well as negotiations about assessment and grading. The tool is available as open source code that can be adjusted according one’s own needs. Presently the tool is in Czech language and illustrates the use on the example of 4 subjects (English, Czech, Maths, and meta-competencies).

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» Canvas Import

Canvas is one of the leading commercial Learning Management Systems. More and more organisations use this tool to deploy learning and training materials. For those who use and work with the Lea’s Box system it might be a useful option to import data from Canvas. This, however, is not completely straight forward since Canvas does not allow a direct link. A workaround we developed and used during the project is an import tool. In fact this is a set of php procedures to parse the csv export from Canvas and to place the information in the right slots of the Lea’s Box database. These function are available freely. They can be adjusted to your server configuration in the file config.php.

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» Press Package

The press package includes a factsheet in English, German, Czech, and Turkish language, some eye catcher images, press photos of project coordinator Michael Kickmeier-Rust, the project logo, and the final publishable summary.

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» The Lea's Box
    Base System

The entire Lea’s Box Learning Analytics Platform is freely available, licensed under the Creative Commons license (see below). The download package includes the sources files (HTML, PHP), all libraries and images. Included in the package is also a database dump and all manuals. This package also icludes the configuration tool including the algorithms to create competence spaces. The system requires PHP 5+ and a mySQL database. Not included in this package are the CbKST Hasse diagram visualization modules and the learning landscape module. For reasons of further exploitation, these algorithms are protected.

 Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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