LAL workshop: Learning Analytics for Learners

26 April 2016, Edinburgh, UK

Organisers: Susan Bull, Blandine Ginon, Judy Kay, Michael Kickmeier-Rust, Matthew Johnson

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8.30 - 8.40Workshop introduction
8.40 - 10.00 Interactive presentations and demonstrations

"Associations Between Students' Approaches to Learning and Learning Analytics Visualizations", Marek Hatala, Sanam Shirazi Beheshtiha and Dragan Gasevic

"Generating Learning Analytics to Improve Learners' Metacognitive Skills Using nStudy Trace Data and the ICAP Framework", Zahia Marzouk, Mladen Rakovic and Winne Philip

"Uncertainty visualisation in open learner models: representing inconsistencies in the underlying data", Lamiya Alshanfari, Susan Bull and Carrie Demmans Epp

"Learning Analytics for Learner Awareness in Remote Laboratories Dedicated to Computer Education", RĂ©mi Venant, Julien Broisin and Philippe Vidal

10.00 - 10.30Coffee break
10.30 - 11.50Interactive presentations and demonstrations

"Data Literacy and Use for Learning: A Position Paper", Barbara Wasson, Cecilie Johanne Hansen and Grete Netteland

"Towards Supporting Awareness for Content Curation: The case of Food Literacy and Behavioural Change", Roberto Martinez-Maldonado, Simon Buckingham Shum, Theresa Anderson and Simon Knight

"Action-oriented, Accountable, and inter(Active) Learning Analytics for Learners", Simon Knight and Theresa Anderson

"Encouraging Metacognition & Self-Regulation in MOOCs through Increased Learner Feedback", Daniel Davis, Guanliang Chen, Ioana Jivet, Claudia Hauff and Geert-Jan Houben

11.50 - 12.00"Quick ideas"
12.00 - 13.00Lunch break
13.00 - 13.20Identification of themes
13.20 - 14.30Theme discussions
14.30 - 15.00Coffee break
15.00 - 16.30Overall discussion and writting of a synthesis